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Street Spotting

Th saturday I was all set to test the capabilities of my new D-SLR the CANON EOS 350D.

So along with a bunch of enthusiasts I decided to shoot people rather kids and families on the streets..and man it turned out a wonderful experience for me. I guess one can understand what “unity in diversity” means from this street. The first thing I spotted was a big gateway/entrance which was colorfully decorated with small sculptures of hindu gods and dieties and the back drop was a tall structure emerging from the mosque which was just a few meters down the lane..I decided to walk into the lane and took the right…a quiet start with people immersed in their daily chores.

Housewives washing clothes and cooking, the elderly lot were just baskin themselves in the sun kids playing marbles youth involved in a serious game of carromboard..the moment the cameras were taken out of the bags one of the kids noticed the same out of nowhere as if the guards were alerted with enemy attack.

There were kids and kids all around me asking me what I was doing there and why I was takin pictures..once those questions were answered everyone wanted their “Single Photos” :))..anyways...this is what I saw and captured on those lively streets through my lens..