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Day 1: Bangalore to Bangkok

14 Sep 2006

I started my journey in the wee hours of 14th September 2006. Jet Star Asia departed from Bangalore at 3:35am and reached Singapore by 10:35am singapore time. After a quick breakfast and smoke at the McDonalds at Changi Airport I collected my boarding pass for the connecting flight to Bangkok at 12:15pm. It was an uneventful though noisy 2:30hrs flight to Bangkok with the other passengers seemingly excited to reach Bangkok and continue their card gambling, as on flight…

It was, a long wait, at the Don Muang International Airport to get the “Visa-on-arrival”. Cost: 1000 baht and a good 3 hour wait. I got out of the airport with my 18kg backpack and headed towards the taxi station outside the airport. After a 20 min wait I got into a taxi to go the K.T.GUEST HOUSE, to which he said it would cost me 200baht against the meter. I bargained for 150 and reached K.T.Guest house. Spotlessley clean and spacious rooms with hot water and air conditioning for 690bhat (double). After checking-in, a bath and short rest, i took-off for a walk to experience the first sights and sounds of Bangkok. The evening food stalls had already been sent up and I wanted to start treating myself to the culinary delights of traditional Thai food. I noticed that there were hardly any foreigners in the area and I seemed to be the only one there. After trying 2-3 times, unsuccessfully, to explain and point out that I wanted some ‘Fried Rice’, i finally reached a family run eatery that was dishing out some tempting looking fare.

Street food, Bangkok

No english is spoken by the Thais’ running the place and no Thai is spoken by me. So after much pointing and gestures, indicating to other peoples plates ( i’m sure much to their disdain) i was finally served the delectable and absolutely smooth “fish ball in noodle soup” with the most amazing ‘iced black coffee’ EVER.

Fish ball noodle soup with black iced coffee

After roaming around the market and buying some savouries, i returned to the guesthouse to rest and re-coup my energy for the exciting journey the next day, to the Kingdom of Cambodia.