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Baht’s and Riels

The official currency of Thailand is BAHT and of Cambodia is RIELS

Well, I have made a few mentions about Baht’s (pronounced as BATH)but I thought it would be useful if I provide some rough conversion rates.

1 USD  = (approx) 37.5 THB (Thai Baht) = approx 46.0 INR
1 USD = 4000 riels (Currency of Cambodia). There is no approximation here you should get 4000 riels for a dollar if someone offers you anything less than this then you are being scammed.

1 Thai baht = 1.22496254 Indian rupees

1 Thai baht = 0.0267116134 U.S. dollars 

the above conversion rates are as on 25 Sep 2006.

You can get the approximate conversion rates from google by typing the below in the search box.

E.g. If I need to know the conversion rate of EURO I would type the following in the google search bar.

1 USD in EUR 

Where USD and EUR stand for the three digit currency codes. To know more about this check these currency features from google