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Siem Reap to Poipet

18th Sep 2006

I hired a taxi early morning and we left Siem Reap at 5:30am, to gain time and speed before the traffic increases, sun gets hot and the weather really humid. This time the ride to Poipet costs only 30USD as opposed to 50USD to Siem Reap. Strange!! but later I figured out that when you leave to Siem Reap there is a certain amount of fare paid to the taxi association by the drivers thus the high prices.

I was lost in my thoughts and memories that Cambodia had offered me in mere three days. The temples, ardous designs, ornate carvings on the bas-reliefs the long causeways and lotus bud like stupas, smiling colossal faces, the “3 for 1 dollar” kids the smiling women at the shops, delicious Khmer food and of course the Angkor beer. Thinking about it the pride of Cambodia: Angkor Wat was, every where, on their flag, their money, their clothes and infact on the beer too. By the way I recommend the light Angkor beer which is usually served at a discount price (50 cents a can) after the sun goes down.

During my stay in Siem Reap I did the best that I could to eat from the locals, drink the local and stay at the locals (even smoke the local cigarettes: PALLMALL). This way I felt I did my little part to support the Cambodians.

The taxi dropped me off at the border at 9AM. I paid off the taxi driver and walked across the bridge toward Thai immigration. It was quick and in no time I was again in Thailand, what a contrast. I relaxed a while and had breakfast at a quite restaurant with wooden tables and chairs which served very good Khao Phat (fried rice). This is Aranyaprathet

I took the 11Am bus to Bangkok and reached Bangkok at 3:30pm.

Exploring Bangkok would start from tommorow 19th Sep 2006.