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Breakfast in Thailand?

Since I booked my tickets last week, I’ve been eating, drinking and sleeping Thailand/Combodia.
This morning, as I was having my breakfast I was wondering what would be the staple breakfast in Thailand?
After some googling and snapping I found out that there is no particular dish that is made for breakfast.
It is usually rice soup for breakfast but most of the times it is the same dish that is eaten for dinner.
You can learn more about this here.

I also found this strange looking cereal called Nam Tao Hu Song Crueng
Breakfast Cereal
You can find the recipie here
I also noticed that Thai’s go light on Breakfast, medium on lunch and a full course meal for dinner.

I always believed that one should Breakfast like a King, Lunch like a Prince and Dine like a pauper but I guess in Thai-land I need to believe backwards..:)

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